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Chronic Workforce

After writing my post about budgeting, I realized – “Fuck, I really need to make some sort of contribution to the household income…” But how is someone with so many debilitating conditions supposed to “work?” Sitting or standing for extended periods is a no go because of my Dysautonomia. Structured hours are a no go because of my body’s ability to be completely fine one minute and in an adrenal response the next. So, I set off to do research.


The first option I found was being a Virtual Assistant (VA.) Making appointments, ordering lunch, sending out and replying to email, it seems like something we could all do when we feel up to it. There are loads of websites for it, but the ones I hear the most about are and Fancy Hands. Worldwide has a far more intensive application, where Fancy Hands is a bit more simple. Though, it seems you need experience for either of these. I only filled out the Fancy Hands one but was promptly declined.

There is also the option of starting your own VA business, though this would take more energy than many of us have, and it turns into its own full-time position.


Next, there’s writing. Now, I write this blog, but it’s not a quick answer to a need for income. I could buy my domain and hosting, and then get the money from the ads on my site, but that is up front cash which I simply don’t have at the moment. There is also writing technical articles for or the like. There are a few who offer up front money, and others who pay after the fact. Just make sure you look at their payment guidelines before agreeing to anything.


Another common one for those of us with odd limitations is microtask work. These are small tasks that pay anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on the time and skill of the task. Many of the sites that I see utilizing these types of workers aren’t hiring at the moment, or the payout seems far too small. Though, I am going to keep looking into this, and will keep you posted.


Do any of you work from home? Are you able to do 9-5 still? Are there any other’s that I’ve missed? Let me know below!


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