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One Lovely Blog Award


Today is a bit of a different post. I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog” award by the lovely Rhiann over at My Brain Lesion and Me. She is a lovely person, and I have been reading her posts for a decent while. I often look at her posts for encouragement and support.


Here are my 7 facts about myself –


1 -I’ve had (at least) 4 mini-strokes — In the course of my health issues over the last few years, I’ve had 4 mini-strokes, or TIAs. They’ve each left their own mark. I lost my ability to play piano, I developed an aphasia (word recall issue), and a few others that have pretty much been worked out.


2 – I’m married and have been since November 6th, 2015 — My husband has worked hard to adapt to my new issues. The poor guy hasn’t had red meat in over 3 years, and the few times he has, it upsets his stomach. We’ve been together since August 2012.


3 – I have a Saint Barnard Service Dog in Training — We got Entei exactly a year ago on the 16th this month. He was born October 23rd, 2015. He entered right into puppy classes, and has since been a rollercoaster. I will be posting a few posts on how his training has gone and is going coming in the future. Currently, he’s able to alert me before I faint, and he responds to them by licking me to wake me, and fetching my husband for help.


4 – I began passing out at age 19. First it started only every so often (about once every 6 months) and gradually got worse. Now, I pass out anywhere from 5 times a day, to 5 times a week.


5 – I was born in what can only be classified as backwoods Missouri. My home town, today, has a population of 693 people. I’m pretty sure that counts all the cows and every roach on the ground too.


6 – I have a clear vision window of less than 12 inches. I have needed glasses since I was in 3rd grade, and couldn’t see the black board.


7 – I am the biggest nerd you will ever meet; Harry Potter, Disney, Doctor Who, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, the whole nine yards. I’ve been into fantasy since I was young, and would escape into books quite often. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of nerdy references within my posts as we go along.

My nominees are!

Well, I’m brand new, and no one I follow hasn’t been nominated for this yet! So, if you would like to be nominated, just email me at

Here’s the rules:

Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog

Post about the award

Share seven facts about yourself

Nominate at most 15 other people

Tell your nominees the good news


Happy Blogging!


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